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familytherapist.life – An online Counselling and family therapy platform.

Familytherapist.life is an online Psychological Counselling platform that provides mental health consultation and counselling services to patients. Familytherapist.life is a platform where Counselors, Psychotherapists, Psychologist, Psychiatrist experts provide online counselling via Text, Audio and Video call.

By tolerating these Terms and Conditions, you warrant that you have completely perused and comprehended the Terms and Conditions with no hindrance in judgment coming about because of (yet not constrained to) psychological sickness, mental impediment, inebriation, prescription (Meditation), or some other wellbeing or another issue that could disable judgment.

BY USING THE SITE, AND/OR BY TAKING APPOINTMENT WITH US, YOU SIGNIFY THAT YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF USE, including that you agree to the data rehearses uncovered in our Privacy Policy.

The following terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you and familytherapist.life.(“ familytherapist.life,” “we,” or “us”), the owner of Domain name and website “familytherapist.life”( the “Website”).

This is joined thus by reference, and that you consent to conform to relevant laws, represented and deciphered by the nation.

If it’s not too much troubles note that we offer the Site “For what it’s worth” and without guarantees.

On the off chance that you are enlisting a record or utilizing the Site for the benefit of an individual or some other than yourself, you speak to that you are approved by such individual or some other else to acknowledge these Terms of Use for such person’s or element’s sake.

At whatever point we utilize the words “your specialists or experts” or comparable words on familytherapy.life, remembering for these Terms of Use, we mean your own PT( personal therapist) with whom you have a genuine, commonly acknowledged Therapist-patient relationship.

For clinical concerns, including choices about drugs and different medicines, you always seek permission from your counsellor or other, qualified human services proficient. In genuine cases, look for guaranteed help from crisis personnel. No prescriptions, diet enhancements, or medicines as might be portrayed on this Website ” familytherapy.life ” ought to be taken or started first consulting your counsellor or another person ( Healthcare) supplier. Dependence on any data given by any expert through the Website ” familytherapy.life “, or different guests to the site is exclusively at your own hazard.

For clinical concerns, including choices about drugs and different medicines, you always seek permission from your counsellor or other, qualified human services proficient. In genuine cases, look for guaranteed help from crisis personnel. No prescriptions, diet enhancements, or medicines as might be portrayed on this Website ” familytherapy.life ” ought to be taken or started first consulting your counsellor or another person ( Healthcare)

How is the client using the Website

Clients should know this “There is no Relationship between any experts and patients, if anything has happened then Familytherapist.life does not replace your relationship”.

To utilize the Website, you might be required to give data about yourself including your name, email address, and other individual data (“Personal Information”). You concur that any data you give to Familytherapy.lifeHelp on the Website will consistently be exact, right, and exceptional. You will not imitate another person or give account data, an email address, or whatever other data that isn’t your own. The treatment of your Personal Information and other related data will be by the Familytherapist.life  Privacy Policy.

You are answerable for keeping up the classification of your record subtleties consistently. Further, you are answerable for all exercises that happen under your record.

This data ought to be utilized simply in the wake of counselling your wellbeing specialists that are experts only or other medicinal services experts (if required).

You recognize that albeit a portion of the content, clinical reports and solution, Written material and any clinical data that is given to you on the site might be given by people in the medical profession, the arrangement of such Information doesn’t make a specialist/expert – patient relationship, however, is given to illuminate you on different ailments, clinical conclusion, and treatment and it doesn’t comprise an immediate clinical analysis (diagnosis), treatment or solution.

For use of the website, the users must be eighteen years old. If any case arises and the user does not complete the age of 18 years then parents or guardians are liable to accept the agreement on behalf of the minor and also all the teams and conditions. If any mishappening takes place on behalf of the minor then in that case parents or guardians were liable.


We may charge for the talk, sound, or potentially video-based guiding/treatment meetings. Before benefiting any such Service, we will assess the User of the relevant charges for the said Service. Notwithstanding these Terms, a User will likewise be limited by the terms (assuming any) referenced for explicit Service(s).

  • The payment can be done by –
  • Use of cards – Debit or Credit
  • Net Banking
  • Or any other Payment wallet such as Paytm, Bhim UPI.

Refund Policy for Paid Consults:

On the off chance that if any expertise isn’t accessible to react to a paid counsel, You can report the issue to FAMILYTHERAPIST.LIFE(“Website”), and demand for abrogation, post which Familytherapist.life will process the discount sum equalling to the all-out genuine sum paid by You, But this Refund policy does not include in respect of discount which was provided by familytherapy.life

On the occasion it is demonstrated if it was proved that any expertise has acted in a way that is against any pertinent (Applicable)laws, then in that case Familytherapist.life will give total discount to you, but subject to the condition when the investigation was done by familytherapy.life.

If it was proved that during counselling the patient uses abusive language to the counsellor and disrespect them then in that case the user or we can say the patient was not liable for any refund. And also Familytherapist.life has the right to take legal action against them.

You can demand a discount from Your counsellor by sending us an email at Familytherapist.life Website.

Refunds can take place up to 6-7 days but due to any reason if there was a delay then our team members contact you via phone or by e-mail.

Extent of Services:

Familytherapist.life doesn’t ensure that an online-based counsel, You consent to contact your essential consideration doctor at his/her facility or Hospital quickly. If you require earnest consideration, you consent to contact you at close-by emergency clinics or centers.

Familytherapist.life makes no guarantee that the Services will meet your prerequisites, i.e any information misfortune or debasement (corruption) in any information.

You are not allowed for attempting to harm content, administration PCs, get to other individual or wellbeing specialists login subtleties is an express and direct infringement of these Terms of use and of pertinent law, including applicable protection and security laws and laws restricting unjustifiable or dishonest strategic policies.

Your profile is made to store a record of your interviews and your own wellbeing data web-based, including clinical history and fundamental data like email, profile photo, contact number. your clinical history record is scrambled and no one but you can see by request.

Familytherapist.life claims all authority to keep up, erase or crush all interchanges and materials presented or transferred on the Familytherapist.lifesite as indicated by its inside record maintenance as well as devastation arrangements i.e. destruction policies. Familytherapist.life may send you an Email Notification in regards to specialists’ answers to your queries.

Familytherapist.life Medical expertise:

Familytherapist.life Health Experts incorporate regarded specialists all through the world, counting from driving clinical institutions. Only enlisted specialists (Who have substantial Registration)may apply to be and take an interest as wellbeing Experts on-site “Familytherapist.life”.

on the off chance that any specialist discovered phony degrees i.e. any fake degree, at that point, Familytherapist.life has the option to erase those records right away.

Familytherapist.lifeis Online wellbeing Consultation, here our specialists will offer input to quiet on-premise or given data from patients. So in the event that you have some difficult issues, at that point please try to remain in contact with your close-by the emergency clinic and specialist right away.

The opinion or consultation given by our expertise is not restricted to you. If any differences were there between your online counsellor and the regular doctor then in that case whose counsel/advice will follow it up to you. The site “Familytherapist.life” and its owner (familytherapy.life also, it’s representative) are not subject to any harm.

Assurance of Proprietary Information

You concur that the services, which incorporate all product and data, both electronic and printed media, contain copyrighted material, trade secrets, patent-related material, and other exclusive protected innovation and are the restrictive property of site “Familytherapist.life” and site owner or client/medical specialists are exclusively liable for any sort of data whether archive or pictures or content and so on transferred on-site.

Reimbursement ( Indemnification) review

You will reimburse and hold us innocuous from and against any misfortunes, harms, settlements, liabilities, costs, charges, appraisals and costs, just as outsider cases and reasons for activity, including, without constraint, lawyers’ expenses, emerging out of any penetrate by you of any of these terms, or any utilization by you of the website. You will furnish us with such help, without charge, as we may demand regarding any such resistance, including, without impediment, giving us such data, reports, records, and sensible access to you, as we consider fundamental. You will not settle any outsider guarantee or defer any guard without our earlier composed assent.



This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties and is agreed to being entered into within the jurisdiction of Delhi and shall be governed by and shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India. Any dispute with Familytherapist.lifeshall exclusively be subject to the jurisdiction of the appropriate Courts situated at Delhi, India. No party shall object to removal or prosecution of any litigation to a State court of delhi.

Right to Operational Functionality

Site “Familytherapist.life” and its proprietor (familytherapy.life.) saves total and sole attentiveness concerning the activity of our Services. We may pull back, suspend, or stop any usefulness or highlight of our Services.

Option to Modify Terms of Service

You concur and affirm that the Terms of Service might be corrected every now and then without notice and assume liability to refresh yourself occasionally with the most recent adaptation accessible on the Familytherapist.life site. Any such update or change will be official and taking effect right now on the arrival of the modified Agreement or change to the Service(s) on our site. Except if we advise something else, these terms consolidate and override some other terms related to the Services.

Familytherapist.life site has the privilege to suspend administration or deny access to any individual who violates our arrangements or the terms and conditions expressed in this, without earlier notification or caution.


Familytherapist.life may give notice to you-the Consumer, by email to the email address given by you during enrollment by general notification on the Familytherapist.life site. You may pull out (Notice) to Familytherapist.life whenever through electronic mail to “Familytherapist.life”.


We may allot this agreement whenever to any parent, auxiliary, or any associated organization, or as a feature of the deal too, merger with, or other exchange of our organization to another substance. We will post a notification on the Site with respect to any difference in possession so you have the chance to end your utilization of the Site or drop your enlistment in the event that you don’t wish to keep on utilizing the Site and the Services under the new proprietorship. You may not allot, move or sublicense these Terms of Use to any other person, and any endeavor to do as such disregarding this segment will be invalid and void.

Whole Agreement

These Terms of Use, along with the protection (privacy) approach, which will be esteemed to be a section in this regard and joined in this by reference speak to the total understanding among you and Familytherapist.life concerning the topic about, and it replaces all earlier oral or composed correspondences (assuming any) concerning such topic.

The Terms of Use will initiate upon the date you utilize the site in any structure. This Terms of Use and the licenses conceded hereunder will be ended without notice in the occasion you (or any approved individual utilizing your record) neglect to consent to the Terms and Conditions of this Terms of Use or the principles for utilization of the Familytherapist.life administration declared by Familytherapist.life any time. We may likewise drop or suspend your enlistment (registration) for some other explanation, including dormancy for an all-encompassing period, yet will endeavor to inform you ahead of time of such scratch-off or suspension. Upon any end, you will wreck all duplicates of Familytherapist.life materials in your ownership and stop any entrance to or utilization of the Familytherapist.life Services. Upon this suspension or end, we may erase data, records, and other already accessible substances to you including yet not restricted to data given by you. Familytherapist.life will not be at risk to you or any outsider for any end of your entrance to the Site or potentially the Services.

The arrangements of this Terms of Use are severable, and in the occasion, any arrangement about is resolved to be invalid or unenforceable, such shortcoming or unenforceability will not influence the legitimacy or enforceability of the rest of the arrangements, yet such an arrangement will be improved, if sensibly conceivable, just to the degree important to make it enforceable.

The disappointment of Familytherapist.life to practice or implement any privilege or arrangement of these Terms of Use will not comprise a waiver of such right or arrangement. The disappointment of either gathering to practice in any regard any privilege accommodated this will not be considered a waiver of any further rights hereunder.

Your confirmed demonstration of utilizing this Site and additionally enlisting for the Site or the Services establishes your acknowledgment of these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy which will be esteemed to be a section about and fused thus by reference and you agree to go into concurrences with us electronically.

I, the User or Patient or Consumer

  • Comprehend the dangers and advantages of the online conference.
  • Recognize and consent to expect the danger of the previously mentioned restrictions as per the utilization of Familytherapy.life Help. I further comprehend and concur that no guarantee or assurance has been made to me concerning any consultation on specific findings, results, treatment, or fix of my condition.
  • I comprehend that the laws that secure protection and the classification of clinical data likewise apply to Familytherapist.life and that my data will be just utilized as characterized by the Familytherapist.life Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.
  • I comprehend that the discussion through Familytherapist.life may include electronic correspondence of my own clinical data to other clinical specialists who might be situated in different regions, including out of state.

On the off chance that you don’t consent to terms of our Privacy Policy, we compassionately demand you to not utilize this site.